Conferences for Primary Teachers

SciCon 2020

This conference is for teachers of Science. There will be workshops with a Primary focus. The Saturday and Sunday format means costs are reduced to schools as no relief is required. Book in December for the Early Bird rate and if you would like to share your experiences in teaching Science then why not submit an abstract for a workshop. Use the link below to register or submit your abstract.SciCon Flier – Jan 20

NZ Primary School Teachers’ Conference

This conference has been cancelled.



Those of you who went to NZPSTC in Wellington this year will know that it was a great conference but I think NZPSTC 2020 is going to be even better!

This a conference which crosses all disciplines- a time to pick and chose.

Build on your strengths and boost the areas you are less confident with.

A truly collegial conference.

Send in your abstract now!!!

Register and use up the last of your 2019 budget now!

All details can be found here