Centrally Funded PLD for Primary Science

Professional Learning and Development in Science for Primary & Intermediate Schools

Are you the new Lead Teacher in Science?

Does your Science Programme need reviewing?

Do you want to integrate your Science Programme with Literacy and Maths?

There is Centrally Funded PLD available for your school. 

All you need to do is ask!

Use Science PLD to inspire and hook your students into learning!

Get support for staff to build confidence and capability teaching Science!

This information and all links (underlined)

are from the Ministry of Education Website  services.education.govt.nz/pld/

Here’s how:

1 Talk to your Principal about the need for Science PLD for your staff. 

The PLD process is centred on the Inquiry Model

Information about the process of applying for funding can be found here

Facilitators can help you and your Principal with this proposal.

Get your Principal to talk to them first for guidance.

You will need to:

  • have a chat to work out what your staff/school needs are, where you are going, what you are doing and how you can measure this
  • be clear about your Science goals and how they will fit within your school goals
  • fill out a proposal document – PLD Journal. This is where the facilitator can advise you as to what is needed
  • have some evidence to support your application – data, surveys, records of observations
  • work out how much support time you may need for you and your staff.

2 Submit the proposal by the appropriate date (check here for the next date) to your regional Ministry of Education. 

This will then be assessed against a list of criteria by a panel of sector and Ministry representatives from your region.

If your proposal is successful you will be notified the number of PLD hours allocated.

3 Then choose a facilitator  (it may or may not be the one who helped submit the proposal).

You can choose a facilitator that best suits your needs from the website ‘Accredited

Facilitator’ (preferably in your region, however this may not be possible).

4 You would then develop a ‘Delivery Plan’ with your facilitator.  This will include what you will do, when; and how often you and the staff will meet with your facilitator.

You need to keep a record of your progress and all feedback received and made.

Reports are co-constructed with your facilitator every six months and at the end. 

You have support and guidance from an accredited facilitator throughout this journey.

Factsheets and Resources