Primary Science Week 2014

Primary Science Week 2014

Shadow Stick National Investigation 2014

shadow-stick 1
1.National Investigation!
Our Hypothesis-
Shadows at Midday will be longer the farther south you are. WHY?  
Where ever you are in New Zealand! (or the World)
On May 21, 22, 23, 2014 if sunny

  1. Place a pole in the ground, straight up and down.
  2. The length of the pole should be 1 meter from the ground to the top of the pole
  3. At noon, 12 p.m. (use a cell-phone to synchronize the time) measure the shadow and record the length.
  4. Complete Google Doc to enter data nationally (form below)
  5. Results will be collated, graphed, and returned to you
  6. Thanks

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